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 L i s t   o f   W o r k s 

Select Concert Music:


[in.fl8] | 2017

trombone trio

*commissioned by triangulum trombone trio, based out of 

fargo, north dakota

to be premiered april 2017

morgan's thoughts| 2017

soprano and piano

*text by matthew and morgan caroll (2010)


eli eli| 2016


*winner of 2017 The Summer Singers Young Composers Competition 


we await you| 2016


*text by athena kildegaard (2016)


a short study for a small violinist| 2016

violin and piano


rapture | 2016

soprano and piano

*text by stefan george (1916)


sketches of an ellipsistic klexos | 2016

flute, english horn, two violins, viola, cello 


conversations | 2016

trombone and cello 


saudade | 2016

solo viola


the psychology of sound | 2016

solo piano 


col.ored. - sket.ches. | 2015

trombone, vibraphone, and piano (2015)


through a woman’s eyes | 2015

soprano and piano (2015)


in memory of a love so young | 2014

two violins, viola, cello

*winner of the Iron Composer Competition; University of North Dakota


the record player is broken | 2014

prepared solo cello



Electronic Music:


the night is blacker | 2017

fixed media



david's run | 2016

fixed media



marbleux| 2016

fixed media



tunnel vision| 2015

fixed media and amplified double base


Film Music:


Serenity 2m9 | 2015

rescored from the film “Serenity”

*sponsered by the Student Government Association Summer Research Scholar Program


Adrift | 2015

rescored short film


Twenty Three Words | 2015

full independent film 

*commissioned by the Film and Literature Capstone; Concordia College


Damp Spirits | 2015

rescored short film


Man Vs. River | 2015

full independent film

*sponsored by the Undergraduate Sustainability Research Grant Program; Concordia College


FAR too GOne | 2015

rescored from the 1938 film “The River” using four live voices

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