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Welcome to the home page of the Brianna L. Drevlow Fine Arts Studio! For information on how you can register your child for studio or Skype lessons, please fill out the contact form below!
Lessons offered: Piano, Low Strings, Composition, Arranging, Theory, Ear Training, General Music 
For parents with registered students, click here to access the Parent Portal regarding studio updates and resources for you and your child. 
Teaching Philosophy:

Self-discovery through the arts is an integral part of the human experience.  As your  instructor, it is my goal for students to accomplish the following:


    •    To encourage a love of creative expression

    •    To foster relationships with others through the mutual enjoyment of music making

    •    To practice skills rooted in discipline, dedication, and determination and their translation into any area of study

    •    To develop a passion for self-motivated learning and growth

Thank you for your inquiry!

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