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So you want to change the world and have the passion to do so? I believe in you, and that's why I offer Launch Into Advocacy! You can move mountains, and I want to help you pick up the first stone.


The Advocacy Launch consultation is $250 per session and comes with one 90 minute video call to dream big and put a plan into place, detailed constructive feedback of any paperwork related to your mission, independant research on advocacy opportunities and marketing strategies to make your vision a reality, fundraising and event planning brainstorming, and tips you can carry over into any philanthropic endeavour you choose to pursue.


Launch Into Advocacy includes:

  • Developing your passions into a tangible mission.
  • Formulating a plan to start your advocacy, no matter your age, gender, race, experiences, education, location, or other social barriers.
  • Fostering a team-oriented environment that attracts future partners, donors, and volunteers.
  • And more!


Launch Into Advocacy

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